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Mukti Bandhan

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Vaishali Thakkar, Pragati Mehra, Ayb Khan, Ishita and Sparsh

Nandish Sandhu - Acting as Veer

Tina Dutta - Acting as Ichchha

Rashmi Desai - Acting as Tapasya.

Nandish and Rashmi

When in the above story Veer and Ichchha love each other and Tapasya plays villian in their life and wants to take away Veer from Ichchha in real life Veer and Tapasya get married...

There was an award function in Delhi where Rashmi was to be felicitated. Nandish too had gone there, both of their families meet and a marriage is fixed between them. They then get married on 9th February 2011 and returned to Mumbai.

Rashmi and Nandish, are in no hurry for a lavish ceremony. Rashmi says, "It won't happen before the end of this year or the beginning of next year. A proper wedding involves a lot of preparation so we will take sometime to plan it."

Now the Story in Uttaran:

This is a love story of Ichchha and Veer on one side and Tapasya's wavering love on the other side.

The story has gone so far that it is not known whether Tapasya is fully in love with Veer or she is just wants to get him because Ichchha has him. The latter is the right reason.

Ichchha is under the mesmerised words and talking of her own mother and she just follows whatever she says.

Damini once said to Ichchha that whatever may come you should love Taps and should always keep her happy. These words were said when Ichchha was 8 years old and she is now a grown up girl but still follows her mother's words.

Damini realised her folly long back, and she gets an opportunity now to change her for good.

Damini's story on 21st February 2011 to Ichchha... could this bring a change in the behaviour of Ichchha. Will she become explosive.

Click here for knowing and watching the video to know the story

Who is that who telephones Tapasya and threatens her saying that he knows the secret which Tapasya has kept herself.

What is that secret?

Is the child being born to Tapasya is Veer's?

Who has caused the brake-failure in the car? Who is the secret enemy Satya has to encounter? Why is the faithful old servant in Veer's house does not like Satya?

These are the interesting questions that are presently bringing curiosity in this serial.

After introduction of Satya and Sanchi (they are introduced as villains but their revenge for the sufferings they underwent due to the acts of Bundela family for some viewers is justifiable). They succeed in getting Veer arrested.

Having branded them as villains Tapasya and Ichchha now become friends once again with great emotional bonds. It is though good to watch with the childhood background music ringing. They both now go hand in hand to save Veer from the criminal plans of Satya and Sanchi. It was Rathore who finally helps in getting Veer out of the jail.

The honeymoon of Taps and Ichchha gets over and Taps is on the verge of going out of the house. Iccha reveals that the baby that Taps carried is not Veer's and gets abuses from one and all which culminates in her going out of the house.

Damini too had decided to go out of Jogi Thakur's house because Divya had assassinated her character. So they both decide to live for themselves going out of the lives of Jogi, Divya, Taps and Veer.

On the way Ichchha finds Tapasya's child and takes it without knowing that it is Tapasya's.

A stranger takes her to his house pleading with her to save his father. Ichchha and her mother go and stay in that house. The stranger Avinash turns out to be a rogue and tries to murder his own father for the sake of property and is arrested. He tells he would take revenge on Ichchha. At this house Ichchha becomes pregnant and decides against to inform this to Veer. Prasad meanwhile dies.

Avinash gets bail, Kaakka comes running and informs this to Ichchha. They decide to leave the house and live in Kaakka's friend's house.

Nani is chased out of the house by Divya and Rathore gives her shelter in his house. Tapasya finally marries Rathore.

Jogi finds Ichcha in hospital and he takes her to Veer, Veer then takes back Ichcha to his house who is welcomed with smiles.

Tapasya comes to know that she cannot bear a child and become a mother.

Ichcha delivers a child but the child is lifted by Nani. Doctor tells that the child is dead and Veer's family thinks that the child is dead.

Nani becomes a child lifter of Ichcha's child and tells Pushkar to leave the child in such a place where it will live without any food. But fate as it Rathore finds the child in Pushkar's hand and gets fond of it and adopts it as his own son, the Prince of his house.

Uttaran-714 14th October 2011

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